Monday, 1 October 2012

Tentacles Update

I decided to produce 3 creature concepts and the choose my favourite to develop further. All have some reference into the HP. Lovecraft or/and the thing universe like a mentioned in my mood board
(relevant link
my first design is a plant like creature that uses its tentacles for the purpose of mobility, i feel the design works well but it doesn't really portray the threatening nature of a horror based tentacle monster that was my intention

my favourite piece (and the one I am most like to develop) I call the Snap Dragon concept,
the idea was a roiling mass of tentacles with several snarling carnivorous heads....I feel it works well and fits what i wanted to achieve

this tentacle concept came from the idea of a centaur but instead of a man top half it would have several tentacles that reach out and feed the gaping mouth in its neck, i like elements of this concept such as the original concept but I couldn't figure out how such a creature could be developed upon in an original way

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